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astaire 2 yr
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Astaire was a 2019 ADGA Spotlight Sale buck that was bought by a syndicate of breeders that we were fortunate to be a part of.  Astaire has a high powered pedigree starting off with his excellent dam SGCH Wingwood Farm Sweet Avina, who was 1st place 2 year old at 2019 ADGA National Show.  We were fortunate to get to use him for a few weeks and we are very excited about his kids. 


Astaire's early kid crop he is siring the excellent dairy form which the Wingwood herd is known for.  His kids are uniformly long bodied, open ribbed, and a good combination of dairyness and strength, along with lovely Nubian breed character.  Milking daughter DKGH LA ELIE'S EBONY is our first milking Astaire daughter in our herd.  

AVINA (2).jpeg

       SGCH Wingwood Farm Sweet Avina                            

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