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Greenehaven Farms Kid Reservation Details 

We generally do not have our mating list published until later in the fall.  We make our selections first and then begin offering reservations.  We we will send our mating list out to those potential customers that have expressed interest first.  Once we have accepted reservations from those that have reached out to us, we will post our list on facebook and our website.  We will do our best to work with you to fulfill your needs, however there is no guarantee that a reservation will be filled. Our mating list will show that we have animals retained for our farm and it will show if there are already animals reserved.  However, if there are particular matings that you are interested in, even if there are not any available reservations, please contact us so we can make a note.  Animals may come available as our kidding season progresses, and we do our best to reach out as animals become available. 

DEPOSIT:  We do not generally take deposits until the kid is born and you are contacted.  At that time we require a $100 deposit to reserve your kid, with the balance due prior to the kid leaving our farm.  Please contact us prior to sending deposit.  Deposits on cancelled reservations are non-refundable.  However, deposits on kids that are not born may be shifted to another available kid, rolled over to the next year, or refunded.  Rolled over reservations will maintain priority over new reservations.  Payment plans can be worked out on an individual basis


LIMITATIONS:  We will limit kid reservations to 2 bucks and 2 does on our mature does and 1 doe on first fresheners.   Sorry, we do not take buck reservations on first fresheners.  We believe that a doe must prove herself before a buck should be retained.  Buck kids from exceptional first fresheners may be offered after evaluation of dam.  If you are interested in a buck from a first freshener, message us and we will put you on a wait list and if the buck becomes available we will contact you. 


DNA:  As supporters of ADGA's DNA policy, all buck kids will be registered and DNA typed prior to leaving farm at our expense. 

HERD HEALTH:  Our herd is routinely tested for CAE, CL and Johnes.  Our herd is 100% G6S normal by testing or parentage.  We raise all kids on strict CAE prevention, being fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.  We are happy to facilitate any requested testing of purchased animals at buyers expense.  


GETTING YOUR KID: We request that all kids be picked up at the farm or shipped by 4-6 weeks of age.  We are happy to help coordinate air and/or ground transport of your new kids.  All shipping costs, including required health certificates and crates shall be paid by the buyer prior to shipment.  After 6 weeks of age we will charge $2.00/day boarding on kids not picked up, unless prior arrangements have been made.  

INTERNATIONAL SALES We are  happy to work with potential buyers worldwide, however pricing listed on Breeding List are for US domestic sales only.  Pricing for export sales will be individually negotiated and all transport, export and testing costs will be paid by buyer. 


We reserve the right to refuse sale of any kid or retain kids needed for our own herd and refund deposit or shift to a non-reserved kid (buyers option).


We follow the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (Section XIX in the ADGA Guidebook). 

Reservation Request

Thanks for reaching out!  Please do not send a deposit until after we have confirmed your reservation.

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