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5 straws/$200

My goal when I AI bred his long tall angular dam DKGH CID'S EMMY ESTER EX92 (pictured bottom right) to WINGWOOD FARMS TAC'S TYPHOON was to create a super dairy, open ribbed, flat boned buck with size and substance. Oh Man, Effect is all of that and more.
Freakishly tall (over 41" at withers as a 2yr old), he is long, extended, open ribbed, wide flat rumped with strong feet and pasterns. We only expect him to get better as he matures and fills out.
Random sample of comments from judges this weekend, "extreme dairy", "giraffe neck", "massive", "makes me want to breed Nubians".
Limited semen available from Biogenics or direct sale.
Effect's daughters, Ruby and Raelynn are pictured to the right. Unfortunately we have not been able to use him as heavily as hoped since he is closely related to many of our does, and he found a new herd in California. 


               SG DKGH Effect Ruby                     

raelynn 2  yr (2).jpg

             DKGH Effect Raelynn                  

Ester 4yr.jpg

          SG DKGH Cid's Emmy Ester                 

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