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$55/straw or

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Elvis' Full Sisters

Linear Appraisal
7 yr EX90 VEE

We are grateful to our good friend Katie Marx for offering DKGH Elvis back to us. Elvis is a very correct 5yr old full brother to several important and outstanding does here at Greenehaven Farms.  Full sisters include; SGCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva EX92 EEEE,  SG DKGH Cid's Emmy Ester EX92 EEEE, CH DKGH Cid and Emmy's Endgame, SG DKGH Cid's Emma.  These full sisters share incredible mammaries with exceptional rear udder height and width, along with beautiful general appearance and excellent Nubian breed character. They combine for many Best Doe in Show and Best Udder in Show awards as well as top 10 National placings.

Elvis has sired some beautiful daughter's in Katie's herd and still walks and extremely correct feet and legs. Look at the deep heel, strong pasterns and correct rear leg angulation that he displays.

Sired by our influential past herdsire Saada El-Cid and out of the great brood doe SG DKGH Enferno's Emmy EX90.  Welcome home Elvis!


Ester 4yr.jpg

 SG DKGH Cid's Emmy Ester EX92 EEEE

Endgame nationals.jpg

DKGH Cid and Emmy's Endgame

Eva Boise 5yr 3x4.jpg

 SGCH DKGH Cid's Emmy Eva EX92 EEEE                            

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