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Linear Appraisal

3-03 VG89 VVEE

2019 National Show placing:  12th 4 year old


Another awesome SGCH DKGH PLAYBOY'S ROCK IT daughter out of DKGH CID'S EMMY ESTER EX92 EEEE. Erin was an exciting VG89 first freshening 2yr old that really matured into a powerful smoothly blended 3 year old with a fantastic mammary.  Erin is a powerhouse of a doe that retains openness of rib and exemplifies dairy strength.  Pictured to the right is the best dairy herd in show pictured left to right: Envy,  Endgame, Reignstorm and Erin (6 y.o.).  Now as one of the more senior does in our herd, she maitains that power and productivity and still loves to show off in the show ring. 

dairy herd 2021.jpg
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